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Do you want an iPhone ?

If you dont want to stand in the long queues to buy an iPhone, you can buy them off eBay for the paltry sum of $660 (upto to $1500) πŸ˜€

Everything sold by Apple is way overpriced. I am not giving Steve Jobs any of my money.


More on this outrageous hype from Information Week :

Craigslist is running ads from people offering to either hold a place in line for iPhone customers, or to buy the phones outright.”

Read the full article here.

Edit # 2:

You can see the ‘internals’ of the iPhone here.

Edit # 3:

iPhone reselling seems like a bad idea πŸ™‚


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Favourite Text Editor

This week’s poll results on CodeProject:

CodeProject Poll Results

Unbelievable !

BTW, my favourite text editors are Textpad & Emacs.

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Hacking for Dummies

I couldn’t help laughing aloud reading some of the “hacking tips” on a blog post here.

Tip 3 is the most amusing:

There are a couple of commands in DOS for refreshing the BIOS password. These stuff stuff works only on windows earlier than XP where direct DOS boot was allowed. Sorry I don’t remember any of the commands now.

The blog is aptly titled “ignoramus musing“.

P.S. Yes, that was pretty mean. Sorry dude.

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Most of the hits on my blog come from people searching about salary for jobs in the US. So finally, here is a list created by Salary.com from the data collected from the top 20 metros in US.

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Modern Life

Modern Life (posted on Reddit).

So true !

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Dont Shave That Hair

In case you’ve been contemplating shaving your a** hair, don’t do it ! Here is why.

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Today I saw an ad in Craigslist for selling a Sony Vaio (the URL will work for only 7 days). The seller says:

Sony Vaio Laptop – “BEST BRAND LAPTOP”
– Laptop – Very Fast –

Comes with XP, Office, McAffee


Blah… Blah….

Towards the end of the ad, we see the true colors:

Pentium III
192 mb of Ram – Very fast
Huge 12 Gigabyte Hard drive

So you think this ultra modern machine would be expensive? Not at all, my friend. You get all these for a mere $419 !

Any takers for this great deal ? Respond fast, this is sure to go fast.

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