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I am writing this blog in Firefox running on Ubuntu loaded into a VMware installation. I am surprised at the ease of installation and everything worked well right out of the box – the way Windows used to be (before Vista). I always installed Linux in a separate hard drive partition (without a virtual machine) . If I could manage to get the partitioning right (without deleting my windows partitions) I would consider myself lucky. Once I boot into Linux I would be usually at sea. It wont be usually more than an hour before I reboot into Windows. Ok, ok I am a loser. After a few days or months, the Linux inspiration would come again (usually after reading Slashdot) but I would be too lazy to restart my machine to boot into Linux. I keep postponing my Linux learning program and then one fine morning I would delete the Linux partition after a few months and regain that space as a FAT32/NTFS partition.

With VMware and Ubunto all this changed. Everything worked fine. I am browsing the internet without having to type in Regular Expression-like crpytic commands to configure the network settings. I just opened up Firefox and start browsing away. I am glad I tried this option. I highly recommend the Windows geeks to try Ubuntu on VMware.

P.S. The title of this blog is a rough translation of Ubuntu.


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Justin Rudd works at Amazon. He has written about his interviews at Microsoft and Amazon on his blog.  Pretty interesting read.

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