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Another brick in the wall

I started another blog.

During the past 2 years I had created several blogs in several places, many of which I dont remember anymore. But I do keep my blogspot blog updated once in a while. Running a blog at a decent pace (for the time being lets assume I have something interesting to say) takes a lot of time and energy and currently I dont have much of both. They only free time I get now is during my daily commute to work which I spend now by reading books. I could use that time to blog, but I hate being offline when I blog. I want instant gratification 😉 The real fact is that I hate being offline at any time. I am almost addicted to the internet.

Ironically I didnt have internet for 2 weeks (at home) when I moved to Seattle. Comcast seems to be the only cable internet provider here, so I called them up and registered for a new connection. They seemed to be getting a lot of requests for new connections because they could give an appointment to setup the connection only after 7 days. That was a huge disappointment for me. When I called them I almost expected them to get me online that day itself. Waiting for a week to get an internet connection was disappointing to say the least. I could check my mails and stuff at office, but still the 7 days felt like a very long period to me. Atlast the day came, when the internet connection was supposed to be setup. I think I had delirious dreams the previous night. I am staying as a paying guest in a friend’s house. They were having a prayer meeting that day and when the installation guys came, some stupid guy who came for the prayer meeting told those guys that nobody by the name Pradeep lives there and that there was some mistake (well, to be fair this guy was not aware that I had moved in as a paying guest). My phone number given to comcast was an out of state number so the installation guys could not call me from their phone (imagine a company, which provides phone service, giving their installation people only local call access) and they left. I called up comcast later to find out this unfortunate twist in the tale. I almost cried. I wish I could strangle the asshole who told the installation guys that I dont live there. So again the next appointment could only be setup after 7 days. So for 2 weeks I was living like a zombie.

I diverge. I was just telling you that I am addicted to the internet. And before that I was telling you that I wish I could be online when I commute to work so that I can blog while sitting in the bus. Actually its not a far fetched fantasy. Some commuter buses are going to be wi-fi very soon (I think some already are). If this is the case, you could expect to see more of me on wordpress (or maybe blogspot).

All I need is something to say.


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