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Happy Birthday to Me….

I am 27 years old now 🙂


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Weasel Zone

Today I made a long standing dream come true – I put my own forum online. The forum uses PHPBB and mySQL.
Weasel is a term that was popularized by Scott Adams through his Dilbert strips. The forum is intended for the weasels (including me) to know one another, share knowledge and help each other.
See my forum here.

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Weaving a web

Last week I bought a domain name and some webspace hosted by delta webhosting. They have some good deals and if Vikas Sasidharan is to be believed, they are pretty reliable too. I intend to build the site by using only a text editor, i.e. no WYSIWYG tools. I had used Dreamweaver in the past, and its a very good tool. But by relying on that, i didnt learn anything new. So I decided on learning HTML and probably PHP (since they support only PHP) to build my site. I think most of the content will be related to programming, but I may also move my blog there (or maybe just a mirror). I also plan to give some space for my friends so that they can host their resumes or write some articles or something like that.
Please visit
http://www.pradeepc.net [if you have nothing else to do ;-)]

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New Kids on the Blog

Some of my friends have started blogging too :

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