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Myths and Truths

Something very interesting here.


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Buy No Buy

I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Richter. His latest book CLR Via C# is getting rave reviews everywhere. I decided to buy this book online through buy.com but my choice of seller turned out to be very bad – a long wait till the book was shipped, a long wait till I find that the shipment is lost, another long wait to get the refund. I just dont understand why people cant just run their business satisfactorily (notice I didnt even say “run it well”), especially in these days of cut-throat competition.
I ordered Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries by Brad Abrams, Krzysztof Cwalina from informit, which they shipped on the next day and was delivered on the 4th day and the shipping was FREE.
So if you are going to buy.com to save a few dollars compared to amazon or other reputed sellers, I would recommend you shell out the extra few bucks for a better shopping experience.

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Un-Tag Me !

My tagboard being a “huge success” I decided to remove it from the blog. Now my cute photo comes on the top of the right panel, positively increasing the traffic of girls to my blog.
Regular visitors might have also noticed that I have added a Google link panel to the top. It consists of 3 sections : Searches, Webpages and News. These are NOT ads, but they show links to related searches, webpages and news respectively. Check it out.

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