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Christmas weekend

The weekend was wonderful. Met old friends, had some beer with them, talked and laughed remembering the good old times…
I reached Bangalore today morning, and now feeling very sleepy 🙂


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Dieting Report 3

I am still losing weight and is now 73.1 KG (measured sunday evening) despite the fact that I have added more carbohydrates to my diet….

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Dieting Report 2

I should say that the Atkin’s diet is quite working for me.
Monday : 77.6 KG
Wednesday : 76.8 KG
Friday : 74.4 KG
And I took my first carbohydrate rich food today 😉
Maybe this would nullify the effect of the diet… Well anyway now I know for sure that this diet works.

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Dieting Report 1

I have started Atkin’s Diet this monday. I weighed 77.6 KG on Monday evening. Will post here how things turn out.
By the way, 99% of people to whom I spoke about this is skeptical about this whole idea. Lets wait and see…

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